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The weeks are flying by at the minute with so much going on. I have had my daughter off as she has had the operation on her arm and she is slowing getting better. My wife has also been off this week so that’s always fun as I get asked hourly to do something which means I get some much work done (zzzzzzzzz).

So last weekend saw the 2nd year running of the Education Course that I run and it was a pleasure to work with another group of coaches, parents of goalies and senior goalkeepers to help develop their knowledge and understanding of the position. We spent 2 days looking into real detail of goalkeeping and how to move forward in the modern day world of goalkeeping.

As always we spend the evening out in Oxford which was also extremely eventful. We started in one bar and there must have been 10, 20 year old's wanting to kick s*** out of everyone who walked by, so we went to the next pub. I must admit the conversation went from one thing to another which was so random even to the point where we found out one of the coaches/parent's fetish!

The conversation really was random and with a strong smell of poo sitting in this 2nd pub it, was all a little odd. We had such a laugh with the group and the 2 things I love about these events are I can manage to help people in a small way and also make new friends.

I really hope they took what they wanted to take from the course. I wanted to make a real clear message to them in terms of my thoughts on goalkeeping and basically my message was keep things simple as possible and don’t let anyone confuse things for you. We can make things in football and goalkeeping very confusing and some people use fancy words to make themselves look special, where it really isn’t necessary. I have tried to take my philosophy in goalkeeping and put it into my way of life by keeping things simple. I believe if you send out simple messages to young goalies, they will develop a lot quicker as long as they understand the message.

The other message that I wanted to make clear to the group on this education course was to make sure they could see the difference between coaching and goalkeeper drills.

Goalkeeper Drills: this for me is just going through a drill that’s set up with no real challenges and no real coaching points or progressions. Sets of 4, 6, 8 or 10 of the same thing and nothing realistic to what may happen in the match.

Goalkeeper coaching: running through a session with progression and a realistic match-related approach to the goalkeeper's game. Consistent coaching points on the topics and adding challenges to help keep it realistic to a match. Should leave every goalkeeper session learning something new each time.

If you hear these comments aloud through sessions then this may be a goalkeeping drill: 1. Never mind. 2. Keep going 3. Unlucky. 4. Get the next one 5. Hurry up do another one.

You're paying for a service, not a ball machine.

Anyway my wife has asked me to do something else now like take the bins out or zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Lastly, if you're between the ages of 8 to 60 and would like a place on the National Camp coming up this August and live 3 days like a Pro Goalkeeper, then please resister your interest by clicking the link below...

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