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INTERVIEW: Sam Howes, Watford FC

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

DGUK: How did you find your time at Hampton and Richmond on loan from Watford recently?

Sam Howes: I found it very valuable and learnt so much from my time there, the massive difference was having the importance of playing for three points and having to try and win games rather than under 23's, where it’s just focused on development.

It certainly made me the goalkeeper I am today with a much stronger approach to the mental side of the game. I’m really grateful to Hampton for giving me the chance and it really has made me a more robust goalkeeper with the amount of games you have to play week in, week out.

DGUK: Do you find goalkeeping equipment very important or do you find it just part of the game?

Sam Howes: I think that goalkeeper gloves are the key one really for me as I have a few issues with my wrists so I like to have gloves that are tight around that area for extra support.

Do I think there is a difference between £20 -£120 pair of gloves? Yes, I do believe there is a difference. The ones that cost more do tend to last a lot longer but it all depends on how you feel and what you want from a glove.

DGUK: How have you found your relationships with the managers you have played for so far and do you find them more negative than positive?

Sam Howes: I found them quite good as I am a very hard working goalkeeper and they always seem to like that about me. If they needed to tell me I wasn’t doing well enough or just highlight something from my game then they would, but they've also been there to help and guide me.

All the managers that I've worked with have all been very supportive and helped me in every way.

Goalkeeping tip of the week from Develop Goalkeeping UK’s Martin Brennan:

I feel sometimes Managers can look a lot more at the negatives, than the positives. Sometimes they only see the negative side of a goalkeeper's game, like conceding a weak goal.

I've always said with most Managers/Coaches (not all), if they're not talking to you that normally means they don’t have any issues with you. So a Manager that doesn’t say much to you is normally a really positive sign.

Goalkeeping at times can be a very lonely position and it's important to stay focused on the things you're doing really well at and not just wait for the things we haven’t done so well at.

My advice to any level or age of goalkeeper is to stay as positive as possible while looking to help yourself through the not so good times and make sure you reward yourself for the good things.

Sometimes the Manager/Coach may need a little goalkeeping knowledge to help them put their opinion on a certain situation. Some of the time a little guidance from yourself will help you come to a solution together and not come head-to-head over it.

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