So I was watching through a few videos this morning and I came across an interview with David Seaman the former England and Arsenal goalkeeper.

The guy interviewing him asked what's the best advice you can give young goalkeepers and this was his response;

"My advice would be keep believing in yourself, as you will get lots of criticism through your playing days, but you have to keep believing in yourself."

This is such a powerful message as it's so so true, you will get so much negative feedback from parents/coaches/team mates and the self-doubt can really kick in.

I personally have worked with some top pro goalkeepers and I must say that for me, one of the biggest things that stands out with them is their self-belief.

Being a goalkeeper is such a hard position as I always say, if you're not getting any feedback its normally because you're not doing much wrong in the coach's or parent's eyes. But when (not if) you make a mistake, everyone can't wait to tell you that you SHOULD have done this or that.

TOP, TOP GOALKEEPER AND TOP, TOP PERSON - Mr David Seaman. What a great role model for younger and older goalkeepers.

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