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Cpu0: 0.2 Cpu1: 0.2 Cpu2: 0.0 Cpu3: 0.0 Is there any way to assign much more cpu to one process (for example 10%) in sysctl? Thanks A: You can do it like this: cpuset -w 10000 cpu1,cpu2 The number after the comma indicates the percentage of CPU to assign to the process. The simplest way to do this is cpuset: In your /etc/rc.local, run: cpuset -w 10000:100 %your_application This is very simple and quick. It will give you the highest and lowest fraction that you have set the process to the cpuset, but you can set it higher than 100 if you like. In order to create and assign a process to a cpu, you need to set the sched_priority of the process. See the cpu_sched_policy and sched_priority fields in man sched_setscheduler. However, this does not solve your original problem of assigning the cpus to a process, as setting the priority of a process does not assign the process to the cpu. But in order to make sure that a process is scheduled to a cpu with the highest priority, you can set the sched_priority of the process to MAX_INT:




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Ansys 15 32 Bit Crack raisnaza

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