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Ultimately, every home improvement project, including bathroom remodeling, is an investment, and it's normal to wonder if it's worthwhile. By understanding the cost associated with a bathroom remodel in the Des Moines Metro area, : you can establish realistic expectations and feasible project goals as you plan and prepare to enhance the space's comfort, function, , and aesthetic appeal. Can it cost more? Yes. A lot more. Want to know what would influence the price? I thought so. Here are a few items that will add to the cost: Updating the electricity and plumbing in bathrooms costs on average between $1,500 and $4,850 for the entire bathroom. The cost can be much higher in old homes that require new plumbing pipes or electric wires. Pro Tip: Ask about doing the remodel in phases if you want to keep costs low. Some bathroom projects will have to be done at the same time, replacing the flooring and sink for example. If work can be done in multiple parts, you can spread the overall cost over a longer period of time.very small kitchen remodelWhatever the scale of your small kitchen remodel, labor cost is going to eat away nearly half of your remodel budget. Therefore you must keep at least 50% of the assigned budget for labor costs.This makes it one of the most expensive aspects of a kitchen , remodel. Elizabeth and Martin reviewed several sketches for new floor plans before , selecting the winner for their 124-square-foot galley kitchen. A bar-height table now holds storage which also seats 4-5 people café-style. To minimize clutter on the kitchen countertop, they had a built-in paper towel holder designed right into the cabinetry. While you're cooking, a small kitchen island is as helpful as a big island which is not an option for most tiny kitchens. You can even find a rolling one if you're not looking for a permanent solution.adding a second story to a ranch house costAnother way to increase your living or storage space without expanding your house’s footprint is to add a bonus room over the garage. It could be used as a home office, in-law suite, man cave, playroom, craft room, storage room…the possibilities have to worry as much about damaging existing drywall, flooring, or other elements during construction, which means there will be less need to remodel the space after the addition is complete. Bride cites this as the most common problem encountered with residential construction projects. When the builder isn’t honest with the homeowner or there is a lack of communication, it can result in the homeowner’s expectations not matching what is delivered. “It’s important to contract with a reputable firm that emphasizes open and clear communication, refined project management and delivery methods, and transparency in project cost, both during pre-construction and construction,” says Bride. To combat this problem, he suggests choosing the building and design teams early, so the builders can act proactively during the preconstruction phase and have ample time to purchase the necessary materials. """""""



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